Finally Here!

Howdy Parents!

Our apologies that we have not had a chance to blog or send pictures.  The internet connection here at Bastrop State Park is very slow and sporadic which has made uploading multiple pictures and blogging  unsuccessful after several attempts.    Camp Brainstorm has been so incredibly amazing!   Each day has been filled with activities from sun up to sun down, the campers are having a wonderful time.  The first day campers met their cabinmates and counselors, and had several “icebreaker” bonding type of experiences.  They finished the day with dinner and an ice cream social.  Day 2 (Thursday) campers had a fun filled day of field games, pool time, an amazing arts & crafts session,  and many other fun team activities.  Day 3 (Friday) started with a photography session  followed by a guided hike, geocaching,  and the ROCK WALL! The campers loved the rock wall, and for many of the campers this was the first time climbing.  In between all of the activities campers took a cool dip in the pool.  The afternoon culminated with part 2 of the photo session with Rosa Rock Photography, which included review of pictures from earlier in the day.  Campers also played basketball and frisbee, had an outdoor pillow fight,  and ended the evening with Movie Night under the Stars.   Today campers had fun shooting targets in the archery session, learned about birds, and  participated in the first ever “Brainstorm Olympics”.  Tonight will end with a Hawaiian Luau dinner and dance.  This is just a quick description of  the activities, but doesn’t really express the sentiment we as staff and volunteers feel when we see the campers interacting with each other, sharing common interests, and feel very open and comfortable in the company of counselors staff and each other.  Once we return to San Antonio and faster internet connections we will have all the pictures posted online for you to see.   Thank you for allowing your child the opportunity to come to camp.  We hope that you as parents were able to enjoy the respite time.  We look forward to meeting you tomorrow at 10:00am during camper pick up.

P.S.  The infirmary was busy but NOT with seizures, only minor injuries you would see in any traditional camp!!

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